6 Weeks In: A Love-Hate (but mostly love) Relationship

It’s hard to believe it’s only been six weeks since we adopted Otis! Since day one, it felt like he was where he was supposed to be — even when he ate the glass ornament. One part we really love is that Taz now has a play buddy. Taz, however, seems to have mixed feelings about it. Let’s start by revisiting the doggie glamour shot from day 2.


Otis is around 1 year old, full of puppy energy and curiosity. Taz is a distinguished older gentleman enjoying all the wisdom that comes with middle-age. Clearly.

T1If Otis had it his way, he and Taz would play ALL THE TIME. Taz, on the otherhand, has his limits. He will give it that good ol’ college try and Otis will get about an hour of wrestling out of him. They love to chew on each other’s faces and ears and scruff. Despite being three times Taz’ size, Otis will often let Taz pin him in recognition of Taz’ senior role in the household. 


When Taz’ tires of playing, though, Otis usually doesn’t get it and starts to act like the annoying younger sibling. He’ll follow Taz around the house “chicken winging” him (our term for grabbing one of Taz’s back legs and trying to get him to play). When Taz really doesn’t engage, Otis will exercise his size advantage and pick Taz up my his scruff and carry him around – an experience from which we’re often rescuing Taz.

Eventually Taz is over it. Like, “I’m done. Leave me alone. I’m old and have reached my playtime limit.” Otis doesn’t usually get it, so first Taz comes to me and in that distinguished middle-aged voice he has my head (which may have a slight British accent), says, “Can you please tell him to calm down and leave me alone?”  He seriously will just sit there and start at me forever, as if he can transfer his thoughts to my head. And yes, in my head my dogs talk. Concerning? Probably.


Then, when my protective abilities prove ineffective, he goes into hiding. It’s usually under my chair:


Or under the side table (yes, I still haven’t put the drawer in since we moved in … I hope that if I leave it out, I’ll organize it … which is clearly going well):


Taz has really perfected the art of looking pitiful. Finally Otis gets it and when Taz is in a place where he can get to him, he goes and wraps his arm around him in hopes of making amends. At this point, Taz is still deciding if amends will be granted. 

TO2Then, it’s granted. And, they snuggle.


There is about equal amounts of doggie snuggling and doggie wrestling … which is good: Otis brings out Taz’ youthful side and Taz teaches Otis the value of a nap.


And, when they’re not snuggling, Taz again exerts his seniority and relegates Otis to the small bed. #bigdoginalittlebed After writing that hashtag, I think that comment and hashtag and this photo is a blog repeat – oops.


We love having Otis with is – because he’s awesome and because he keeps Taz young. Taz might act like he’s over it some days, but we know he loves Otis too. Yay for doggie adoption! #adoptdontshop

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  1. White Hair says:

    Okay, this is a test.

    Is this story a metaphor for your relationship with you dad!?

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