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Buns and Beiber and Brunch

Somehow it’s already Wednesday – we had a whirlwind of a weekend and before we head into another crazy weekend, I want to make sure to document the fun. Friday was Earth Day—my people’s holiday! This photo makes an appearance most Earth Days, a throwback to when I was 6. #treehuggerinthemaking


I spent Friday running all over picking up kegs…for work…yes, you never know what you’re going to get with my job. We hosted an Earth Day Happy Hour on campus. We had a fun evening celebrating our community’s sustainability efforts and listening to some great tunes. Afterward, we were excited to try out the new burger restaurant in town, Buns. Our town is cute and has an amazing history, but it does not cater to everyday families. This is a town full of NYC transplants and weekenders and it’s hard to go out for a meal and spend less than $100 on 3 people, so we were pumped to have a burger joint open with $8 burgers – – and they were good!!


On Saturday, I had a nice visit with my aunt who was in town for my cousin’s lacrosse game (his college was playing my college). We enjoyed a beautiful spring day watching lacrosse and then rushed home to pull together a last minute BBQ (with more buns). We had a keg of hard cider left over from the Earth Day celebration and invited over work and local friends to work our way through it. It was super last minute and simple, but so nice to enjoy an evening with friends and finally put our porch to use. 


Here’s where things get whacky. As I mentioned Friday, I’d gotten myself roped into going to the city for a Pop Star Dance Fitness Class at Banana Skirt Productions. I’d been promised Beyonce, but when the schedule came out it was Beiber. Ugh. But, we all signed up and headed to the city first thing Sunday morning. I am confident that I was the only person in the room with chicken poop on the bottom of their sneaks. #keepitclassy


It ended up being a ton of fun and the fact that I don’t know any Beiber tunes didn’t matter a bit.


Our teacher was AMAZING – she was super fun and energetic and a great teacher and had.the.moves. Holy cow. It was so neat to watch her dance. We stayed for two hours and “learned” the whole song. There were a few people who totally “got it” in the room, lots who think they “had it,” and most of us were just trying to not get run over. For entertainment value, here is the videos of us dancing. 

On the train home, I watched the video of what it was supposed to look like – hahahaha! OMG – we don’t look a THING like this. The difference between the two is hilarious! The moves are actually the same, but we’re not even close.

Here are the two videos from Banana Skirt. #dontjudge #solost


Part 1 of this weekends “Sorry” class! #JustinBieber #DanceYourAssOff #PopStarFitness #Fitspo #BananaSkirt

A video posted by Banana Skirt Productions 🍌 (@banana_skirt) on


Part 2 of this weekends “Sorry” class! #JustinBieber #DanceYourAssOff #PopStarFitness #Fitspo #BananaSkirt

A video posted by Banana Skirt Productions 🍌 (@banana_skirt) on

We rushed across midtown and rewarded ourselves with an AWESOME brunch at The Smith. It might have been the best brunch I’ve ever had. I had the potato waffle benedict—which I told myself was as close to paleo as I was getting that day—and it came with an stroooong  and good cocktail. I added a few oysters for good measure. The potato waffle combined with the creamed spinach made for a flavorful and unique take on eggs benedict. I hoovered mine and could totally have had a second plate. I have been totally insatiable lately. #justanFYI Everyone else’s meals were amazing too! We enjoyed a leisurely afternoon and then caught the train back upstate and were home in time for dinner.



What a fun weekend! Monday came quick, but it was totally worth it. I’m headed back to the city for the third time this week #bleh! and then we’ll be in the weekend homestretch again. Happy hump day friends!