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Easter Weekend Recap

Hi friends – I’m back! I had no intention of disappearing last week, but in typical Katie-fashion, I decided to take on a last minute project that took up all my blogging time. I had a friend coming into town and decided two Fridays ago, that I should use her visit as motivation to makeover the guest room/office. Which, shockingly, did not take one day, like I decided it would in my head. After working on it over the weekend, I was up at 5am and up until 11pm each night painting and painting and painting.  Anyway, it’s almost done, I had a great visit with my friend, and I’m back on the blog…until I take on another last minute project. I’ll do a room reveal when all the details are in place (when the second round of wall decals arrive and all the outlets are switched out etc.), so today is a recap of our fantastic holiday weekend!


Oftentimes, things don’t feel like weekends around here. I travel for work a lot and TimTheFarmer has worked since January. We were so grateful for a visit from a friend to refocus our energy and take a bit of a break from the running around. 

We started out the long weekend with a girls’ day on Friday. After wrapping up work meetings in the morning, we headed out for a long lunch in town, followed by pedicures, and a bit of shopping at local stores. I NEVER do this, so it was such a treat to spend a relaxing afternoon, sipping prosecco while we got foot massages and catching up on the last 6 months with a best friend. We ended the day on a high note, with more amazing burgers from Panzur. They are just so good. And, TimTheFarmer is developing a reputation as that guy who orders a burger with both pig belly AND bacon jam. #gobigorgohome


On Saturday, the kiddo and I woke up early and snuck out of the house to go take care of the pigs at the farm, as a treat for TimTheFarmer so he could sleep past 6 AM one day in 3 months. Two things to note here: the kiddo did ALL the work with the pigs #idontdopigs and he did so good! And, TimTheFarmer totally knew we were up to something, but he still pretended to be asleep and let us do this for him. #thankshoney


We decided to enjoy the beautiful day and go on a local hike I’d been hearing about. We had nothing (paleo) for lunch, so I quickly baked some almond flour rolls and we decided to have PB&Js at the top. Except, we all eat different kinds of nut butter and the rolls were still warm when we left the house, so we also packed up each of the nut butters (peanut, almond, and sun butters) into little containers as well as some homemade blueberry jam. I wish I had taken a picture of our nut butter sandwich bar on the top of the mountain – it was pretty ridiculous, but totally delicious!  I’d heard the hike up Stissing Mountain was a shortish, steep hike up to a fire tower, and they weren’t kidding about steep! Holy crow. We were huffing and puffing after the first 5 minutes. But, it was totally worth it! Once you climbed the rickety tower, you could see the entire Hudson Valley. 


Otis, the hipster from Brooklyn, enjoyed his first journey up a mountain and Taz hung in there like the short-legged champ that he is. And, Otis alternated between rolling in the leaves and dirt, and keeping his tush clean by sitting on my legs #weirdo.


That night we broke out the only store-bought eggs we buy each year and got busy dying eggs. We have a tradition in my family of decorating the eggs with crayons before we dye them. In addition to being cute, there’s a strategy here – after the egg hunt, we have an egg fight where you tap your eggs against each other. Often, the waxier the end, the better your chances are at winning fight.  



We’d asked the kiddo, who is now 13, if he still wanted to do an egg hunt. He totally played it cool, like “Whatever…”, but he finally admitted he’d wanted to do the hunt, so the eggs were hidden. It’s way more fun to watch kids try to collect eggs than I ever would have thought, particularly when they walk right past the most obvious ones over and over (and over and over). It might have actually been worse this year with a sleepy teenager trying to find the obvious eggs.

Post egg hunt, we did some serious meal prep, which included making these ridiculously absurd (but tasty) deviled chicks. 


My FIL joined us and we ate and had an egg fight and then ate some more. The kiddo made the “silver bullet” egg and it was the egg fight champion. It literally took down every other egg in the basket. 


We also revisited my thoughts on how my life is a country song, when ‘She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy’ come on Sonos. My friend and I agreed that men do, in fact, often look good on tractors and that that’s ok. Then, she made this statement, which is for sure a keeper.


All in all, we had a weekend that felt more like a weekend than one has in a long time. I loved spending time with friends and family! I hope your Easter weekend was fabulous as well!

6 Weeks In: A Love-Hate (but mostly love) Relationship

It’s hard to believe it’s only been six weeks since we adopted Otis! Since day one, it felt like he was where he was supposed to be — even when he ate the glass ornament. One part we really love is that Taz now has a play buddy. Taz, however, seems to have mixed feelings about it. Let’s start by revisiting the doggie glamour shot from day 2.


Otis is around 1 year old, full of puppy energy and curiosity. Taz is a distinguished older gentleman enjoying all the wisdom that comes with middle-age. Clearly.

T1If Otis had it his way, he and Taz would play ALL THE TIME. Taz, on the otherhand, has his limits. He will give it that good ol’ college try and Otis will get about an hour of wrestling out of him. They love to chew on each other’s faces and ears and scruff. Despite being three times Taz’ size, Otis will often let Taz pin him in recognition of Taz’ senior role in the household. 


When Taz’ tires of playing, though, Otis usually doesn’t get it and starts to act like the annoying younger sibling. He’ll follow Taz around the house “chicken winging” him (our term for grabbing one of Taz’s back legs and trying to get him to play). When Taz really doesn’t engage, Otis will exercise his size advantage and pick Taz up my his scruff and carry him around – an experience from which we’re often rescuing Taz.

Eventually Taz is over it. Like, “I’m done. Leave me alone. I’m old and have reached my playtime limit.” Otis doesn’t usually get it, so first Taz comes to me and in that distinguished middle-aged voice he has my head (which may have a slight British accent), says, “Can you please tell him to calm down and leave me alone?”  He seriously will just sit there and start at me forever, as if he can transfer his thoughts to my head. And yes, in my head my dogs talk. Concerning? Probably.


Then, when my protective abilities prove ineffective, he goes into hiding. It’s usually under my chair:


Or under the side table (yes, I still haven’t put the drawer in since we moved in … I hope that if I leave it out, I’ll organize it … which is clearly going well):


Taz has really perfected the art of looking pitiful. Finally Otis gets it and when Taz is in a place where he can get to him, he goes and wraps his arm around him in hopes of making amends. At this point, Taz is still deciding if amends will be granted. 

TO2Then, it’s granted. And, they snuggle.


There is about equal amounts of doggie snuggling and doggie wrestling … which is good: Otis brings out Taz’ youthful side and Taz teaches Otis the value of a nap.


And, when they’re not snuggling, Taz again exerts his seniority and relegates Otis to the small bed. #bigdoginalittlebed After writing that hashtag, I think that comment and hashtag and this photo is a blog repeat – oops.


We love having Otis with is – because he’s awesome and because he keeps Taz young. Taz might act like he’s over it some days, but we know he loves Otis too. Yay for doggie adoption! #adoptdontshop

Happiest of Holidays!

We hope you and your family had a very Merry Christmas!

This was our first Christmas in our new home and we loved every minute of it! It was fun to decorate a new home and figure out where everything would go. This year was also a year for new Christmas traditions.IMG_9198Traditionally, TimTheFarmer’s parents have hosted a Christmas Eve dinner for his father’s family, but with the addition of lots of grandchildren, that tradition gave way to us hosting TimTheFarmer’s parents on Christmas Eve. Back in Colorado, our good family friends have hosted a Christmas Eve open house for 30 years that I attended throughout my childhood and until I moved to New York. This year, we thought we would combine all those family traditions to host our own Christmas Eve open house/potluck in our new home. We invited all our local friends and family and had no idea who would show up, or how Otis would handle the influx of people.

I prepared my nana’s traditional Christmas morning treat—chimichangas—and made bacon-wrapped dates and curried squash, Chinese five spice chicken wings, and a crudité with a spicy pumpkin dip and we crossed our fingers that we’d have enough food. Our open house ended up being a perfect mix of friends and family and we had about 25 people throughout the course of the evening. We can’t wait to host again next year, and I’m happy to report that Otis was the most chill party-puppy ever. He was so sweet with the kids who attended and even let Penny give him a cuddle. The sweetest!IMG_4284Tim’s dad and brother returned bright and early (although not early enough for the kiddo) for Christmas morning presents.IMG_4306The kiddo received his annual nutcracker.IMG_4307Uncle Jeff rocked an amazing Christmas sweater and tried out the 3D elf glasses. IMG_4311Otis learned that the chickens have no problem coming up to our front door.IMG_4314Taz wasn’t sure how he felt the pig sign holder being almost as big as him. IMG_4320

After the kiddo was picked up to spend the day with his mom, we enjoyed a low-key day with my FIL and BIL watching basketball, napping, picking at leftovers, walking the dogs, and trying out golf clubs. By the end of the day, the doggies were worn out and picked beds appropriately sized for them. Every time Otis gets in that purple bed, I sing “big dog in a little bed” to the tune of “fat man in a little coat” from Tommy Boy. TimTheFarmer also tried on all his new Christmas clothes which included camo long underwear, a MF Doom flat brim hat, insulated flannel plaid shirt, Darn Tough socks, and Birkenstocks. I’d get voted off the island if I posted a picture, but I think you can imagine how amazing his outfit was. IMG_4326

This has been a year of significant loss and big changes for our family. We struggled to redefine the holiday season in the heartbreaking absence of my mother-in-law, but we pulled together as a family to create new traditions in our new home, knowing she was with us throughout our celebrations. Whether this was a year of ups or downs or both for you, we wish you the best as we wrap up 2015 and can’t wait to see what 2016 has in store!