Let’s Do This

After years of reading other blogs and thinking I could do that, I’m finally hitting publish. The blogs I love talk about food, family, traditions, travel, and affordable/accessible interior design…so…I think that’s what we’ll talk about here. Oh, and the absurd, which there’s plenty of in my life.

Here’s a snapshot of where we’re at right now in life when I’m starting this blog:

We just bought our first home!! We feel so grateful because this house is in amazing shape, and we know, because we looked a lot of dumps less-than-optimal options before stumbling onto our perfect home. It needs some updating (can you say heart-shaped cutouts everywhere?!) and after a month, there are still boxes everywhere, but we can’t wait to make it ours.IMG_3082

It’s fall, which means I’ll get to start my projects in my new home closer to Thanksgiving because my job requires me to be on the road in the fall. Between now and Halloween, I’ll be in 13 different cities in 7 states. It also means I’m standing over boiling pots of water to put up food for winter from the farm where TimTheFarmer, my husband, works. He’s busy busy busy with fall harvest and preparing for winter too. It also means it’s fantasy football season in my house and my husband and his son are constantly updating me on how many points so-and-so scored, which continues to mean absolutely nothing to me despite them repeatedly explaining it #notretainingthatinfo. It also means apple cider donuts. If you’ve never had them, get yourself to the Hudson Valley now.


And just to completely contradict the last sentence, TimTheFarmer and I have been eating Paleo for close to a year now. Clearly we make exceptions for apple cider donuts, which immediately give me a headache, but I do it anyway #thatgood. I have fibromyalgia and have been told to eat this way for more than ten years, but it took getting addicted to bulletproof coffee and being told it’s OK to eat fat to finally take the plunge…and we love it! More on that in future posts.

Alright, let’s do this!

p.s. #ilovehashtags #apologiesinadvance

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