This is normal, right?

I have replaced my windshield at least 8 times since I started driving…that’s normal, right? No? Hmm. For some reason I have angered the windshield gods. More than one windshield was broken in the normal way (being too eager to get to the ski mountain on a powder day and following too close behind the plow truck), but far too many others have been totally random (hitting a speed bump (at the appropriate speed, I promise!) or sitting in a parking lot with no one near by). This time, however, takes the cake.

After one of my many road trips this month (and a six hour train ride, with Jim Gaffigan), I arrived back to my car to discover my rearview mirror hanging(?!?) from the roof of my car.

Subaru Windshield

Are you kidding me??? Not only was the mirror hanging there, there was a big chunk of glass attached to the mirror and not to my windshield.

Subaru Windshield

I quickly surveyed the outside of the car assuming something must have hit the windshield (which would mean I could sue the driveway parking lot owner i.e. my coworker), but there was no exterior damage or baseball bat or brick in sight. My best guess is that there must have been a sudden temperature change which shattered the glass. Buuuut, thermodynamics (is that the right field?) aren’t really my thing, so I have NO idea what happened. Nor does Subaru or Safelite.

Silver lining? When I switched insurance the last time, I finally wised up and got windshield protection, so I didn’t have to pay out of pocket like I usually do. Does anyone else out this have really bad luck with windshields? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

Also, here is the proof I was sitting behind Gaffigan. Is it weird to take a picture of a celebrity’s bald spot? Probably. This picture totally proves it though. And to add to the effect, TimTheFarmer was texting me Gaffigan quotes the whole ride home:

“Chopstick?!?! Can I have a fork? I’m trying to eat, not play Operation.”


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  1. Tiffany says:

    Lol- this is too funny because the exact same thing happened to my car in college! Except I was driving at the time and the rear view mirror just fell off with a chunk of the windshield glass. No known reason why…

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