{Friday Favorites} – REI Rocks

Today I’m reviewing some of my favorite things from this week. First up:

REI to Close on Black Friday & Give Employees a Paid Day Off
REI Logo

How awesome is this?! If flies in the face of our frenzied consumerism and encourages people to #OptOutside on Black Friday rather than buy more crap. I attend a lot of conferences for work with a lot of large (Fortune 500) companies that are trying to move the needle on sustainability, but I often leave the conferences wishing they had more jueves, or executive/board leadership. REI just stepped it up and joined Patagonia who ran the storied “Don’t Buy this Jacket” campaign. Nice work REI!


The Freezer is Full of Good Soup
Cauliflower Fennel Soup

I love looking in the freezer to see that we’re making progress on stocking up for winter. In case you missed the soup production drama from last weekend, you can find it here. I’ll be making two more types of soup this weekend to freeze and applesauce. #itsfall

Mountain Mama Jody’s Dolls

One of my oldest friends has a sweet Etsy shop, Mountain Mama Jody, where she sells the goods she knits/sews. I’m always in awe of people who can actually finish a knitting project – I still have a half knitted scarf from college I gave my stepmom for Christmas saying I’d finish it soon…who does that?? Me, apparently. Sorry Maria! Anyway, Jody has these sweet sweet dolls which would be fabulous Christmas gift this year, particularly if you’re looking to buck the Black Friday chaos!


NBBB&JI attended the launch party for the New Belgium Brewery-Ben & Jerry’s collaboration beer and ice cream in DC last week which was a fundraiser for Protect Our Winters. We heard from awesome climate advocates, watched a video on the recent victory in the arctic, jammed to Galactic and Dr. Dog, and got awesome swag! Flying completing counter to my comment about consumerism, I am a sucker for sweet swag. They gave out ice cream scoop bottle openers, super cool scarves (which I may use on the foot of a bed), and a collaboration beer glass.

Sunsets from my New Kitchen


Now that all the leaves have fallen (sad face), it turns out we get some awesome sunsets from our kitchen! We’re looking west across the Hudson Valley and while it’s no Rocky Mountain sunset, it’s pretty spectacular.

Happy Weekend Y’all!

4 Responses to {Friday Favorites} – REI Rocks

  1. Erin says:

    REI certainly does rock!! I was so glad to see them doing this. REI is one of my all time favorite stores. Even if I’m not as outdoorsy as I would like, it is fun to wander around and pretend 🙂

    • Katie says:

      They create such a good wander-around environment! I’m a super bargain shopper, so I’m usually shopping their outlet or Sierra Trading post, but I love to wander through too!

  2. Jody says:

    Yay, thanks for mentioning me, I miss you!

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