{Friday Favorites} – Star Wars, Ice Skates, & Gas Ranges

It’s Friday?? How did that happen?? That means one week ’til my mom and stepdad arrive…time to put together the guest room! Anyway, here are my favorite things that went down over the last busy week:

1. Return of the Jedi-Farm Deliveries

TimTheFarmer and the kiddo drive to NYC every Saturday to drop of CSA shares to farm members in Brooklyn. Last Saturday, the Force was with them as they delivered; TimTheFamer rocked his best Han Solo, which was properly executed thanks to my v-neck shirt (which may never fit the same). The kiddo played the trusty sidekick with this rockin’ Chewbacca onesie we picked up at Target. Is that the best onesie ever? And, since it’s a onesie, I can continue with my policy of not buying Halloween costumes. #insiderinformation: I don’t know anything about Star Wars. I never watched it as a child and despited repeated education attempts by TimTheFarmer and friends, the best reference I can make is about the Force being with someone. I hope you’ll still be my friend, though.


2. Grown-up Gas Range (!!!!!)

The minute we had the closing date for our house, I rushed to Lowes and bought this gas range to replace the electric flat top oven that came with the house. We got it on a super sale and what clinched the deal for me, aside from that it was beautiful, is that it can act as a dehydrator!! It’s been sitting in our garage for a month because I couldn’t get it together enough to arrange to a gas-line installation…but it happened today! Yipee! It’s been killing me not cooking in our cast iron skillets – you know where I’ll be this weekend. #ingorethefingerprints


3. When you go for apples, and come back with antiques

Our favorite pick-your-own orchard, Rose Hill Farm, is changing hands this winter. This farm has been in the same family since the late 1700s – how amazing is that?!? Having been through their house a couple times when I was entertaining the idea of trying to wrangle up the funds to purchase the huge estate, I knew there were goodies inside. I went for apples last weekend and asked if they were selling anything. She walked me through the whole house and I came out with these two amazing farm chairs and a box of antique ice skates! Best of all, we traded for a jar of my peach whiskey BBQ sauce :).  The skates are sooo cool. They’ve got all this old leather on them, each pair adjusts to fit boots differently, and some had wooden soles. I have a fun wall installation in mind for them and the chairs are rounding out my accent wall, which I’ll update you on soon. 


4. Christmas on Etsy

I received an email from Etsy on holiday decor and can’t wait to find a few things for our home. It had never occurred to me to look at Etsy for seasonal decor and I love the idea of supporting craftspeople rather than box stores, particularly at this time of the year. I am currently contemplating which custom stockings to order and I’m loving the pillows and decals and ideas for hanging those stockings since we don’t have a mantel/fireplace!


5. Fathers-in-Law

My FIL is my favorite. He’s an amazing grandfather and always here when we need him. Last night, he showed up like Superman. He fixed an wiring issue we ran into when replacing switches and outlets in our bathroom, helped us switch out our stoves, fixed our sliding glass door, and showed up with an air compressor to fix a flat tire. Oh, and one of his friends is going to give us my our dream 7″ farm table! #favorite

6. Dogs as Blogging Buddies

This wasn’t on the list, but look who crawled into my lap to help with today’s post. He’s only cuddly on his terms, so I am loving this right now! #hessnoringIMG_3822


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