How to Hang Antique Wooden Skis … with Zombie Prep in Mind

Whew! Last week was a whirlwind with two Thanksgiving celebrations. We joined TimTheFarmer’s family on Thanksgiving for our annual celebration and the turkey was as juicy as ever. Then we were prepping for 2nd Thanksgiving, our annual Saturday party that allows us to celebrate with the kiddo who is often with his mom on Turkey Day and allows me to make my own turkey and all the side dishes. This year, I’m thrilled to report our (27lb!) turkey was the juiciest it’s ever been. I chalk that up to the maple whiskey brine I used from Pioneer Woman (who else’s would I use??) and the fact that I kept adding chicken stock to the pan each time I basted the bird. It was so so fun to host our friends and family in our new home! 


One of the best parts of hosting parties is that it requires me to finish projects and put boxes away. Newsflash: after months of complaining about it, there are currently no unpacked boxes visible in our house and our first round of painting is done!! There may or may not be a few in the basement, but we don’t need to dwell on that. One of the projects that turned out to big a bigger task than I expected was hanging my grandmother’s antique wooden skis my parents delivered from Colorado last month.


I have this eternal naiveté optimism where I always assume things will be easier than they are. My mom has all the wooden skis hung up around her home with a few nails creating a cradle for them. I figured that’s all I’d need to hang them here. Then, being the practical person he is, TimTheFarmer pointed out that my mom lives in a log cabin with exposed log walls … in other words, her walls are one giant, supporting stud. Our walls, on the other hand, are your typical drywall walls and the heavy wooden skis would rip the nails right out of the wall. So, I did what I do in all tough situations, I turned to Google. 

This site had cool idea of using antique leather to strap them to the wall. I loved it, but we didn’t have any old leather on hand nor the time to run across the river to find some. Then we found this site with a whole forum of ideas. Turns out lots of people drill right through the skis to mount them … no way!! What if I need to escape in the zombi apocalypse and my antique wooden skis are my only option?? Someone suggested making hanging loops with picture wire – bingo!

I scavenged our picture hanging kits and pulled together every last bit of wire I could find.  First, I doubled the length of the wire needed to go around the ski and folded it in half. I then made a small loop that would fit around the screw on the wall to hang the ski from. I held the loop in place on the back of the ski and wrapped both ends all the way around, twisting them together with pliers on the back side of the ski. I did this in two places: on the binding and near the tips where the skis would cross.



We marked where we wanted them on the wall and where they should cross and then put screws in the wall in the two places the first ski hit the wall. If there wasn’t a stud, we used a drywall anchor.


Taz kept an eye on me high up on the ladder.


Once the first ski was hung, I made the same wire loops around the binding of the second ski, making the loop just a tad longer since it was further to the wall because it was sitting on top of the first ski. We added a third screw to the wall to mount the binding loop. 

HangingWoodenSkis3Where the skis cross, I made a second loop, but this time we looped the wire through the hanging ski’s wire. Does that make sense? 

HangingWoodenSkis6 HangingWoodenSkis4This is where it got tricky and here’s the big lesson learned. Line up the skis by the binding height, not the tip height. It was weird because the tips were at the same height, but the 2nd ski was apparently at a different angle and the bindings weren’t lining up, which is REALLY noticeable from the ground. It took a few adjustments to get the bindings lined up properly and it’s still not perfect, but hopefully no one will look too close.


We then hung my vintage ski posters up and cut our (giant) Christmas tree and the room is so cozy! We love it! 


Also, I’m confident that when the zombies come, I’ll have no problem quickly getting these skis off the wall and onto my feet. #not

And, I know you wish you had a pair of those sweet overalls.

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