{Keeping It Real} Empty Oil Tanks and Piglets Edition

If we’re honest, I’m sitting here wearing multiple layers of clothes, under a down blanket, and with the space heater running. No, we didn’t lose power. Yes, we went to check the heating oil level in the tank and it was 100 gallons lower than we expected, or pretty much on E. A string of expletives ensued. We feel like such rookies.  

IMG_4423 The thing is, we checked the tank in early December and it was more than half full. I was so proud that we were being proactive yesterday and going to fill it this week and not wait for it to be low before we filled it … and then somehow we burned a half a tank, during a relatively warm December, in 4 weeks. I scrambled to find an oil company and it turns out I should have answered the door when the oil salesman kept coming by, because we inherited a service account from the previous owner. #thanks They’ll be here soon, but in the meantime, we’re relying on the Mr. Slim’s which reviews say aren’t reliable heaters in “the North” (they’re set to 80° and it’s 58° right now) and a space heater. In other words, we’re really cold. We also have a lot of dirty dishes because our hot water heater runs off the oil tank and we don’t want to run it dry. Welcome to home ownership, on the East Coast, where people use heating oil – something I’d never heard of in Colorado. The space heater has replaced the fireplace Taz was used to.



In other news, TimTheFarmer picked up the first group of piglets for Rose Hill Farm yesterday. Would it be in poor taste to say “mmm…bacon”?


This is the kind of phone call I get: 

TimTheFarmer: Hey, are you busy?
Me: Well, always.
TimTheFarmer: Yeah, but can you help me with something quickly?
Me (assuming he needed me to look something up): Maybe, I have a meeting in a couple hours and have some prep to do and lots of emails. What’s up? 
TimTheFarmer: Any chance you can come over here [to the farm] and help me unload the piglets? It won’t take long.
Me: Uh, no. Sorry. I have too much to do before the meeting. 

This call seriously happened. He cracks me up. 

Since we’re being honest in this post, the first thought that actually ran through my head was “No way! I’m in my nice work clothes. I’m not getting near those pigs.” To be clear, my “nice work clothes” on days when I’m not hosting events, like yesterday, include jeans and some shirt that makes me look somewhat professional. But hell no! I was not leaving work, in my fancy clothes, to go out in the cold to handle pigs. I may be a farmer’s wife, but my affection for animals does not go beyond dogs. It took years for me to be comfortable picking up chickens, and pigs have this weird, scratchy hair on them. 


That’s all I got for ya, folks! Happy hump day! Tomorrow, we’re picking paint colors. Stay tuned. And, hope the oil guy comes so a) we warm up b) we can bathe and do dishes and c) I can finish painting at a temp that will allow the paint to properly dry.


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