{Friday Favorites} Skis and Owls and Bloopers, Oh My!

This first week of 2016 flew by! We were busy with back to school, TimTheFarmer’s new job, running out of heating oil, and continuing with our kitchen updates. In addition to meaning the weekend is eight hours away, I love Fridays because it’s a chance to look back at some of our favorites from the week.

Colorado Here I Come!

I just bought my plane ticket to Colorado and 3-day ski pass to Steamboat for February. Wahooo! I don’t get to ski nearly enough out here in NY and watching it dump in Colorado thanks to El Niño has been killing me. It’s been non-stop powder days and fingers crossed they save some for me! Here’s me skiing like a chicken in 2010, something I’ve worked to improve on since then. Photo credit to Loons.


Instagram Love

TimTheFarmer on Instagram is one of my faves. I know I may be biased, but he’s got great posts. Follow him here. His post yesterday was perfect!

Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 7.57.51 AM.png

Also, follow along with the changing of the guard at Rose Hill Farm. They started their Instagram account yesterday.

English Owls and Garage Grown Gear

Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 8.02.48 AM

I had a surprise reconnection on Twitter this week with a buddy from college. We’ve been friends on Facebook for years, but haven’t chatted in a long time. I noticed Andrew had a blog on LinkedIn this week, which I checked out which led me to his Twitter account. Even thought I barely do Twitter, I followed him, and promptly got a tweet back with a picture, which made my day. Andrew called me an English Owl all through college, which I never agreed with (or understood) and drove me crazy. Then, randomly, a few years ago, I started collecting owls. When I see them around house, I think, begrudgingly, “Andrew was right.” I didn’t want to tell him he was right because we had that brother-sister relationship…but he totally noticed in my 2015 Year in Review and called me out on it, which I loved! Fine Andrew, you were right.

Also, through Andrew’s blog, I found this sweet website called Garage Grown Gear. Since leaving Bozeman and Colorado, I’m not quite the gearhead I used to be (not that I was nearly the gearhead as a lot of my friends). I’m definitely not in the loop of gear trends anymore and loved learning about this website that serves as a sales platform for gear entrepreneurs. You get so used to the big gear companies and I love the idea of supporting small companies making great, innovating gear! It’s like Etsy for gearheads.

Fixer Upper Bloopers

I love love love the HGTV show Fixer Upper, as does most of America, it seems. The dynamic between Chip and Joanna Gaines is as fun as seeing the homes they transform. They just ran the blooper episode this week and it was AMAZING. Chip eating the snakeskin! Chip eating the cockroach! Chip jumping through that wall! Chip leaving sweat marks on Joanna! Chip trying to body slide across the floor! All hilarious and amazing.


Hope you guys have a great weekend! I hope to wrap up the kitchen painting this weekend and move on to light fixtures!

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