PM_BardMBA_Fac-Staff_05-22-15_MG_2570_smallWelcome! I’m Katie. Here you’ll find the chronicles of my adventures in cooking, making over our new home, traveling, being a farmer’s wife, and all the absurdity that seems to follow me around.

I’m a Colorado mountain girl building a life with my husband, stepson, dog, [husband’s] cat, and chickens in New York’s beautiful Hudson Valley. I’m passionate about cooking and skiing and eating great food and butter in my coffee and saving the earth. There are lots of other things that blow my skirt up too and I’m sure we’ll cover those on this blog soon enough.

Also, I love old stuff. Not fancy antiques with known names and high price tags, but old, used, worn, faded, sturdy pieces … a.k.a. rusty gold. Stuff is only so old in Colorado and the cool stuff is hard to find. I’ve taken it as my personal mission to find great old crap vintage pieces while I’m living “back East,” as we say out West. And, I love to get a good deal. So expect to hear about it.

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