Food Philosphy

My recipe page is a (growing) collection of our family’s favorite recipes. Our recipes focus on fresh produce and local meats and are paleo-heavy. Here’s how we choose what we eat:

1. Fresh, local, organic, free range, grass fed, pastured … blah blah blah

We believe very strongly in the health and environmental benefits of eating the freshest, cleanest, happiest food we can. We live in the bountiful Hudson Valley with a thriving local agricultural community and we get as much of our food from people we know as we can. Dairy from Chase and Jordan, veggies from our friends at Hearty Roots, beef from Hilary, pork and fruit from our very own TimTheFarmer at Rose Hill Farm, eggs from our chickens. That said, we are not hard core seasonal locavores or millionaires, so we hit Costco for our organic coconut oil, citrus, Kerrygold butter, greens in the winter, bacon, and our local organic market for other winter veggies, spices and coconut milk.

2. Learn to love the fat

We eat paleo, almost. You can read the back story here. And, we have FULLY embraced the fat. There are copious amounts of grass-fed butter, bacon, coconut oil, chicken thighs etc. in our house. We don’t eat processed foods, so our starches/carbs come from root vegetables, plantains, and limited fruits.

3. Flavor forward meets real life (and it’s a busy life)

I LOVE food and I LOVE flavor and I LOVE to cook. I refuse to sacrifice flavor for quick meal – I genuinely don’t understand eating something if it’s not awesome. So, as the family cook, I try to cook the tastiest, healthiest meals EVERY time I cook. It’s not the fastest way to cook, but I continue to work on shortcuts to make it quicker (and try to allow the kiddo an appropriate amount of snacks when I’m running behind). That said, if dinner is on the table before 7pm (particularly on weeknights when I don’t get home until 6pm), it is definitely a Christmas miracle. As much as we try to eat local, I try to keep a fully stocked pantry and freezer (of local meats, fruits and veggies from the previous summer, and soups) so that I can pull together a meal in under 30 minutes when it’s been a long day. Other times, I will spend up to 2 hours working on a meal, and I am totally ok with that, because the kitchen is my happy place.

Thanks for checking out my recipes and I would love to hear when you try them!

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